Thursday, January 05, 2017

CES: Hyundai unveils electric Ioniq Scooter concept

The concept fits in the Ioniq's door when it's folded up.

Hyundai is showcasing a compact electric scooter at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Ioniq Scooter concept was cleverly designed to fold up and fit in the door of the Ioniq, the brand's new Prius-fighting hybrid. A special charging port integrated into the door panel lets users top up the scooter's battery pack on-the-go.

Folding the scooter out is a simple operation that can be performed with just one hand. A thumb switch located on the right handlebar moves the scooter forward when it's scrolled up, and applies the brakes when it's scrolled down. Alternatively, the rider can come to a stop by pushing down on a pad located over the rear wheel.

The folding Scooter was designed for first- and last-mile mobility, meaning it takes the rider to and from the place where his or her car is parked. Range hasn't been revealed yet, but the battery pack only needs to store a few miles' worth of electricity at most. A look at the digital speedometer reveals it can hit at least 12 mph, which is plenty for a two-wheeler developed largely for sidewalk use.

Hyundai hasn't revealed what the future holds for the Ioniq Scooter concept.

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