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Hyundai Genesis Coupes Rock Out at New York Auto Show

Hyundai Genesis Coupes rock out at New York Auto Show

At the New York International Auto Show, Hyundai took advantage of the well-lit, expansive, Galleria at the Javits Center when it introduced the 2010 Genesis Coupe. The only thing left to be desired was better ventilation on the show floor...

In fact, Hyundai launched two new models of the Genesis Coupe onto a barricaded, plastic floor that was maybe about as large as a pro NBA court. While a rock and roll cover band blasted "You really go me" (done David Lee Roth style) a red Genesis Coupe burst onto the show floor from one corner and proceeded to perform some very convincing figure-8s and donuts. Just a few seconds later, a silver Genesis Coupe took to the floor from the opposite corner - in reverse - and made good use of the e-brake and rear-wheel drive architecture. When the two coupes came to rest, it wasn't a pair of full-face-masked stunt drivers who just disappeared behind the scenes, but two female stunt drivers who stepped out from behind the wheel. Due to the pyrotechnics, the Galleria filled with a bit of smoke which hung around through most of the press conference.

Clearly, the Genesis Coupe was presented as an attainable rear-wheel drive performance car that will offer competitive performance with the 212 horsepower, 2.0L, turbocharged, intercooled four cylinder, or even higher performance with the choice of a 306-horsepower, 3.8L V6. (Both horsepower figures were estimated.) Transmission choices include a standard six-speed manual for both engines. The 2.0t can be shifted by an optional five-speed automatic and the 3.8L V6 can be backed up by an optional six-speed automatic. Both automatics feature SHIFTRONIC, which the driver can use to shift the transmission up or down after moving the gearshift into a dedicated gate.

Where as some production cars come to the scene bearing little resemblance to their conceptual predecessors, the Genesis Coupe was unmistakable in its likeness to the 2007 Concept Genesis Coupe. Certain scoops and louvers didn't make the transition to production, but the front end, window opening, and formidable rear quarters looked fabulous in the production metal. 18-inch alloy wheels will be standard, and the optional alloys will be 19 inches. I'm not sure which ones were on the Genesis Coupes in New York, but the five-spoked wheels looked sharp, both during the burnout display and at rest.

At the Genesis Coupe press conference, Hyundai used rock and roll to deliver the message that the Genesis Coupe was all about fun and serious performance. It's also important to note the safety features that started with the brakes and went all the up to Electronic Stability Control (ESC) which is standard on all Genesis Coupes. Standard brakes begin with 12.6 inch front rotors followed by 12.4 inch rotors in the rear, stopped by single piston calipers. Optional braking is handled by fixed monobloc four-piston Brembo calipers and 13.4 inch front rotors with 13 inch rotors out back. Behind all the rotating and clamping hardware is standard ABS that works with an Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) system to deliver the best brake performance under all driving conditions. The Brake Assist feature is also present, in case a sudden stop demands the most out of the ABS.

In case anything had gone wrong at the indoor driving session at the Javits Center, the Genesis Coupe would have drawn upon the following technology to protect its occupants: Front and rear crumple zones, a hood which includes "buckling creases and safety stops," airbags in front of the seats plus airbags mounted within the seats, along with side air curtains and "active front head restraints."

This clip from Autoblog shows it all:,

After the rousing introduction of the Genesis Coupe in New York, one can only imagine that the TV commercials that bring the car into peoples' living rooms have a lot to live up to. This new Genesis Coupe from Hyundai is super attractive when performing right in front of you and the choice of engines should make it a major player on anyone's sports car shopping list when it arrives this spring.

Source: BostonHerald.com

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