Thursday, December 29, 2005

Testimonials From Gary Rome Hyundai

Lynda Gunn is a very knowledgeable salesperson, very easy to talk with and a great personality she is a great asset to Gary Rome Hyundai and deserves big raise. Thank you for a great car buying experience Lynda. p.s. hope to see Lynda soon!! It is the 1st time I can truly say buying a car was a pleasure. Everyone at the dealership was friendly, polite and pleasant there was no pressure to buy; just good information and conversation. Other dealerships could certainly learn public relation techniques from Gary Rome. The car was a birthday gift and my husband wanted the car on Aug 24, 2005 so he went to the dealer about one week before he needed it and it was ready on my birthday so the delivery date was perfect. Carroll Perez was super. He made buying my new Tucson a pleasure. I had purchased my used wagon there several years before so liked the Gary Rome dealership. Carroll is so patient and an easy going nature. How I like to buy a car. No pressure, no hassles. I have purchased several cars-have never met a more polite, informative, and honest salesman Steve Ruggeri understands the value of good business practice Gary Rome can be proud of this salesman. Always remember to visit for latest deals available Gary Rome Hyundai , Hyundai Accessory Store and Hyundai Performance Auto Parts.

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